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Welcome to my secret game portfolio page

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FPS/Sports game available on steam. Developed by Dead Shark Triplepunch. I did

animations and environment art.

Puzzle game made by me and Michael Levall. It's very philosophical. If you actually

want to know more, read on Michael's website.

RPG with FUN grinding. Loot hats and shirts, level up, shoot robots. Twist ending!

Up to 3 player local brawl with ALMOST EVERY GENRE. RPG-FPS-platformer-simulation-

FPS-brawler. Controllers supported but not included.

Hack n Slash zombies, bathe in their blood, get combos. WASD + mouse to play.

"Horror survival" game. Shine your flashlight on SpOokY monsters. WASD + mouse to play.

Sequel to the mega-hit CRAZY MOOSE. Dodge walls, increase and decrease your

mooses size with mouse scroll, shoot banans with click. Once had online play.

Gravity defying platformer puzzler. Good times.

Buggy and lacks content, but hey it got "destructible environments". A=Jump,

S=Shoot, arrow keys=move. Good luck with this one.

The dumbest game. Beware of bugs, ripped music, eDgY cOntEnt and a dramatic

love story.

And that is it. Thank you.